In the last years, context-awareness and mobile computing has seen popular adoption connecting also with Service Oriented Computing (SOC) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Relevant hardware equipment can be found in smartphones, smartwatches, sensors and microcontroller boards, such as Arduino, Raspberry pi and the recent CHIP. Context-aware mobile computing in this framework with IoT and smart Cyber Systems will change the way we interact with objects and services, but includes many challenges. For instance, access to context requires access to sensitive information concerning users and their surroundings. Deep understanding of data sharing consequences by mobile platform users is limited (e.g. Android OS, iOS); users usually accept all requirements (e.g., when installing an application) without understanding well if there are potential violations on the privacy sphere related to the application use.

To address the above there are postdoc (and PhD) opportunities at the Software and Internet Technologies (SEIT) laboratory of the Department of Computer Science.If this is of interest to you, you can consider more working on topic like the following:

  • Extraction of context profiles from different sources: This topic involves the investigation of techniques and methods that can lead to the extraction of context-relevant data from user models/profiles in social media and other sources.
  • Privacy by Design methods in application development for mobile platforms: This topic involves the design a specification model to capture privacy requirements for privacy-aware native mobile platform application development with a focus on Android and the enrichment of current solutions that respect privacy options in native mobile platform environments through IDE-based plugins (e.g., Eclipse).
  • Privacy design patterns recommendations: This topic involves building privacy design patterns at platform independent level, tailor them to mobile platforms, linking them with corresponding code excerpts and refining them using contextual information, and building and recommending privacy protecting coding best practices.

There are also topics available on Software reuse in Software Engineering:

  • Mining software repositories and developer expertise: The developer social coding and Q&A websites are sources of valuable information that can be combined to draw different conclusions on users' activity and expertise. This topic involves the intelligent combination of information from various sources in order to draw meaningful conclusions on developers' knowledge.

For any further information, please contact me in the email address found here or visit me!

If you are interested in spending 1-3 months working on a research activity in an internship in the SEIT lab of UCY, please contact me in the email address found here or visit me!

Some of the available topics:

  • Privacy mechanisms for web applications:Privacy protection is an important aspect for sensitive information required by many web and mobile applications. In this project, you will study the mechanisms used for access to sentitive data in web browsers with HTML5.
  • Collecting data from activity trackers: There are many mobile applications that perform user activity tracking collecting various information (e.g., RunKeeper, DailyMile, EndoMondo. In this project you will study this format of activity data.
  • Microcontroller models: Boards with microcontrollers can be used for different purposes (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry pi, CHIP). In this project you will study the diferences among them and build a sample application for this.
  • Context dataset analysis: Datasets are sources of information that can be used to manipulate data and draw usefull conclusions (e.g., Twitter, flickr datasets). In this project you will perform experiments on a specific dataset that contains context information (e.g., timestamp, location).
  • Efi Siapiti (co-supervision with Elias Athanasopoulos)
  • Evangelia Vanezi (co-supervision with Prof. Anna Philippou), Area: Privacy languages and conformance to legislation.
  • Dr. Alexia Dini Kounoudes, Area: Privacy protection for end-users in Internet of Things, PhD defense Jun. 23.
  • George Komodromos, MSc student, Extraction of license terms from open source software licenses, completed: Jun. 2020.
  • Raphaella Sophocleous, MSc student, Survey and Combination of System Testing Methodologies, completed: Dec. 2019.
  • Athina Pafitou, MSc student, License analysis of open source software, completed: Apr. 2019.
  • Andreas Dimitriou, Privacy protection in Android devices, completed: Dec. 2017.
  • Iosif Ioannou, LinkedUSDL Privacy for universal description of privacy properties in services, completed: May 2017.
  • Socratis Yiannakou, BSc student, Implementation of a web platform for Shakespeare translation analytics, completed: May 2021.
  • Antria Panayiotou, BSc student, Implementation of a web platform for the management of the CS Software Engineering course, completed: May 2021.
  • Alexandros Philippou, BSc student, License Usage Analysis in the R Programming Language, completed: Jan. 2021.
  • Michalis Kaili, BSc student, Privacy Policy Beautifier, completed: Jan. 2021.
  • Stavros Georgiou, BSc student, Cross-platform data for software engineers, completed: Jan. 2021.
  • Panagiotis Groutas, BSc student, Privacy protection tool for children, completed: Jan. 2021.
  • Theodora Costi, BSc student, GDPR Compliant Development for the EPUM e-Learning platform, completed: May 2019 (in English).
  • Christiana Yapintzaki, BSc student, Privacy protection in Android applications, completed: May 2019 (in Greek).
  • Evangelos Aristodemou, BSc student, Code generation for data collection from sensors on different microcontroller boards, completed: May 2018 (in Greek).
  • Modestos Ioannou, BSc student,Analyzing privacy issues in Android applications, completed: May 2018 (in Greek).
  • Vasiliki Panteli, BSc student, Design and implementation of a system for the management of patients in psychotherapy: the graphical user interface, completed: May 2018 (in Greek).
  • Elena Petrou, BSc student, Rule for license terms in open source software licenses, completed: May 2017 (in Greek).
  • Angelos Efstathiou, BSc student, A social network for managing sensors on Arduino microcontrollers, completed: May 2017 (in Greek).
  • Kyriakos Kyriakou, BSc student, Model driven development for the Internet of Things, completed: May 2017 (in Greek).
  • Theodoros Charalambous, BSc student, Tool creation for the Protection of Privacy on HTML5 Web applications, completied: May 2016 (in Greek).
  • Dimitris Paschalides, BSc student, Modelling and Extracting Terms from Open Source Software Licenses, completed: May 2016 (in Greek).
  • Panayiotis Foutros, BSc student, Creation of Profiles of Software Engineers from Online Social Networks, completed: May 2016 (in Greek).
  • Philippos Asiz, BSc student, Creation of a rule engine for remote device management based on sensor data, completed: May 2016 (in Greek).
  • Athina Pafitou, BSc student, Sensor data gathering with Raspberry Pi and management with Android application (in Greek), completed: May 2015.
  • Stella Constantinou, BSc student, Sensor management with Arduino and machine learning actions for data reasoning (in Greek), completed: May 2015
  • Georgia Charalambous, BSc student, Recommender system for open source software licenses (in Greek), completed: May 2015.
  • Stelios Georgiou, BSc student, Design and Implementation of a system for stock management (in Greek), completed: May 2015.
  • Nikoletta Petrou, BSc student, Tool comparison on static and dynamic code analysis (in Greek), completed: May 2014.
  • Feidias Ioannides, BSc student, Design and implementation of an Android application for interaction among students and advisors in CS department in UCY (in Greek), completed: May 2013.
  • Elektra Georgiou, BSc student, Comparison of methods for the extraction of license information from open source software (in Greek), completed: May 2013.
  • Marios Christou, BSc student, Market study on the use of Agile Methodologies with an Emphasis on Scrum (in Greek), completed: May 2012.
  • Maria Anastasi, BSc student, Study of approaches for privacy protection in pervasive, context-aware systems (in Greek), completed: May 2012.
  • Iosifina Ioannou, BSc student, Handling user privacy preferences in context-aware web services (in Greek), completed: July 2012.