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Specialization Courses in Graduate Programs

Course Code and Title Master in Computer Science[1] Master in Internet Computing

Master in Intelligent Systems


Professional Master
CS601 – Distributed Systems    
CS603 – Advanced Software Engineering    
CS604 – Artificial Intelligence    
CS605 – Advanced Computer Architecture    
CS606 – Computer Networks and the Internet  
CS607 – Visual Computing    
CS646 – Advanced Topics in Databases  
CS651 – Mobile Computing and Data Management  
CS653 – Computer Networks  
CS655 – Advanced Parallel Processing ΙΙ    
CS656 – Computer Graphics - Modelling and Realism    
CS657 – Wireless Networks    
CS658 – Digital Video Processing    
CS659 – Design with Embedded Processors    
CS660 – Information Retrieval and Search Engines  
CS662 – Machine Learning and Data Mining  
CS663 – Computational Logic    
CS664 – Systems Analysis and Verification      
CS665 – Constraint Solving Methods    
CS667 – Neuroinformatics    
CS668 – Mechanical Vision    
CS673 – Algorithmic Game Theory    
CS674 – System and Network Security  
CS675 – Web Services and Service Oriented Computing  
CS679 – Electronic Health  
CS680 – Cognitive programming      
CS681 – Advanced Topics in Software Reuse    
CS682 – Advanced Security Topics    
CS699 – Special Topics in Computer Science      
Courses from other Departments  
ECE621 – Random Processes      
ECE635 – Optimization Theory and Applications      
ECE658 – Computer Systems’ Performance Evaluation and Simulation      

[1] No specialization courses exist. All courses are eligible.