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Minor Programme in Computer Science

The Minor Program in Computer Science is open to all students of the University outside the Department of Computer Science. It consists of eight courses with a total workload of at least 60 credits. Given that schooling starts in Spring, the program can be completed in four consecutive semesters for monitoring two courses per semester. The organization of courses is as follows:

1st Semester (considered as a Fall Semester)
CS131 Programming Principles
CS121 Digital Systems

2nd Semester
CS133 Object-Oriented Programming
CS221: Computer Organization

3rd Semester
CS231 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS343 Software Engineering

4th Semester
Two courses from core courses or from the restrictive elective courses of the Computer Science curriculum.

The number of admitted students in the Minor Program in Computer Science is 10. Necessary criterion for admission is that the weighted average for all previous semesters must be at least 6.5.