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Administrative Duties of Faculty Members


Postgraduate Program Committee: V. Vassiliou (Co-ordinator), C. Christodoulou, Y. Dimopoulos

Undergraduate Program Committee: A. Philippou (Co-ordinator), Κ. Pattichis, G. Pallis

Undergraduate Transfers Committee and Correspondence Students: G. Papadopoulos (Co-ordinator), Y. Chrysanthou, Y. Dimopoulos

Erasmus+ Program: G. Kapitsaki (Co-ordinator), Y. Dimopoulos, A. Philippou

Communication and Promotion: G. Kapitsaki (Publication Co-ordinator), G. Pallis (Website Co-ordinator)

«Logipaignion» Contest: Y. Chrysanthou, G. Pallis, V. Vassiliou, D. Zeinalipour

Computer Science Workshop: G. Kapitsaki (Co-ordinator), C. Christodoulou, Y. Sazeides, P. Panagi

Strategic Planning: Ε. Keravnou-Papailiou (Co-ordinator), Α. Philippou, Chr. Christodoulou, Μ. Dikaiakos, L. Loizou

Liaison with the Industry and Student Internships: E. Athanasopoulos (Co-ordinator), M. Dikaiakos, Chr. Georgiou

Liaison with ERCIM: Y. Sazeides (Contact point), G. Kapitsaki (Editorial Board)

Summer School: V. Vassiliou, Y. Chrysanthou

Contact point with Computer Science Student Club: Y. Sazeides, G. Achilleos

Computer Systems and Infrastrustures Committee: D. Zeinalipour (Co-ordinator), E. Athanasopoulos, G. Pallis

Cyprus Penetration Testing Competition: E. Athanasopoulos, V. Vassiliou


Library: Ά. Philippou

Diploma Project (thesis): G. Pallis

Departmental Seminars: D. Zeinalipour

Allocation of Teaching Assistantships: G. Pallis

ACM ICPC Cyprus Competition: G. Kapitsaki

International Relations: M. Dikaiakos

YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe): G. Kapitsaki